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       I had such a good year in 2019! So I wanted to save my homepage for the ending year and start a new homepage for 2020! Thanks for all the great memories! 


Photo by Garet Cobb from Times-Mail

"God's Country"


Photo by Garet Cobb from Times-Mail


Photo by Garet Cobb from Times-Mail

Video Interview

with B97 radio!

"How it Goes"

by Derrick Weidner

Interview with

Murphy in the Morning! 

105.5 radio

A note from Derrick...

St. Vincent De Paul Shamrock Center show closed my scheduled shows for 2019. I plan on doing a few shows over the winter and possibly a few guest appearances at some events and I will try to update as it comes, but my main focus for the rest of the year and until spring will be school, show choir, wrestling and putting together new songs for next show season which I am very excited about! Great things are coming and I can't wait to share them with you in 2020!

This season has been amazing! I have met some amazing people from the audience, artist, musicians, bands, venues, and just people following my journey. I thank you all who have come to a show and who have followed me in all this! Your support and interest keeps me going! And I am very grateful!

I can't believe all the places I was able to do a show at this year! I’ve done 24 shows since April not including busking at Bloomington Farmers Market. It’s been a pleasure at every one of them!

Behind it all there are a lot of heartfelt thank you's! I feel lucky to have so many supporters, but I want to start that by thanking someone that has been behind me from day one. This person helped me believe I could do this. She has been the reason some have seen I could do it. She gave me my first performance and many after. She has given guidance throughout including to my Mom about the music business and gave me a platform in the beginning and I can't thank her enough! That person is Sheila Stephen Bruce! And though she has inspired many, I want her to know how much it means to me that she has supported me! I have been told there is an on going joke between a few that has finally been resolved this month. Sheila gave me my first taste of the stage, Tonya Hitchcox Clark gave me my first show and Dave Pruet gave me my first concert! Regardless I am thankful for it all and everyone who has believed in me enough to let me perform!

It would take hours for me to thank everyone that has been on my support team! So I will direct you to my Previous Shows page as I have tried to keep it up to date and show my appreciation to everyone involved. But again, this year has meant so much and I thank you all!

There are a few that are not mentioned on that page that must be spoken and that is my family and friends. You all know who you are! You are my foundations! And I know all the time and efforts spent on me doing this take a way from some things and you all still make it work for me. I am so very grateful. My Mom does so much that I don’t even know what all she does. She’s my biggest fan she says, but it’s so much more! Thank you Mom! And thank you God for putting me on this journey! I am truly blessed!

If anyone who saw my show this year has a moment, please tell me about it on my Testimonial page on my website! Its easy to do it straight from your facebook. Just click below. Any feedback is appreciated and I always respond. Thank you all so much in advance!


Derrick Weidner


On this page I have mentioned all the vendors and those who have asked me to do a show which has been amazing and I so appreciate them. But there are others not mentioned in this that I must thank! 

The radio stations and DJ's that I have had the pleasure of being part of this year was so cool! LiteFM 102.5, WQRK Super Oldies 105.5, WBIW 1340, and B97 all interviewed and supported me this year and I am very grateful for that! The Intern Kelsey from B97 did a video interview after the Monroe County Fair Fireworks show. That was so fun and she was so cool! And for the last year I was a guest many times with Jeremy Newbold from 102.5, Tim Norman from 1340, and Jason Murphy from 105.5. And it has been so fun! I was a little nervous at first, but they all made it so cool! And I thank them all! Since then I am sad to learn that Murphy is no longer with 105.5 . So I want to give him a special shout out and thank him for all he has done for me. My first interview ever was with him and I will never forget the look on his face after I sang! He has been so supportive that he sent off recordings of me to Randy Owen from Alabama. The logo you see for me was designed by Murphy. And his enthusiasm and encouragement has been a huge highlight for me! I wish him the best of luck wherever he decides to go! And I thank you all for all the support, interviews and advertisement! It's just been amazing!

I have also had the pleasure of working with some great sound men! Dave Pruet with Onstage Productions  who has also been a huge supporter. Scott Dwyer with The Soundman has really saved me several times and is very appreciated! I've been lucky to work with Alan Hamilton who is amazing! And other bands personal soundmen that have been great as well! Thank you all for making me sound good! It makes all the difference! 

There's so much work that goes in to this. I'm sure I will miss something. Like just friends that help set up or close down. It's a lot of labor and I remember a few times those helping tare down the stage that did record time! I thank you all for your help! 


In closing this, I have to thank my Mom. As Sheila Stephen told me, she is the MVP in this. And I'm sure it sometimes seems like a second job. Thank you so much Mom! I love you!

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