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October 17

Spaghetti at the Ready

Benefit for Bedford Men's Warming Shelter


This was my 2nd year performing at the benefit for Bedford Men's Warming Shelter which is usually held at Harp Commons and called Spaghetti on the Square, but due to covid, the arrangements had to be changed. I was honored to still be part of this! With a lot of hard work at the last minute Pastor Pendergrass, Ginny Fullen and many other pulled this off. Doing it covid-style where all could listen to us on the radio while driving by to pick up their Spaghetti and supporting this good cause! It was pretty amazing! And a Special thank you to my sound guy, Scott Dyer for donating his day to doing sound for the whole project! Todd Kent performed also and is just great! Olivia and I had a lot of fun doing this and we thank you! 

October 13

Talk of the Town - WBIW 1340 AM


The Sean Duncan Show - WQRK 105.5 FM

Promotion show for Spaghetti at the Ready


It's always a pleasure playing at WBIW and WQRK and they have been so good to me! I was able to bring Olivia with me this time as her first experience at a radio station and we had a blast! Thank you Sarah and Sean and the whole crew at the stations for having us and promoting Spaghetti at the Ready!

July 24

The Arts Walk

Nashville, IN


With Covid-19 among us and Bloomington Farmers Market not in function as it use to be, I have missed busking so much! The Arts Walk was probably my only time to be able to do that this year and it was so much fun! It was Olivia's first time doing it and though we were in the hot sun and basically melting, she was great as always and we had a blast! Nashville was very welcoming and participated in the fun. Including a man driving by that stopped at the stop sign to get out of his car to tip us! That was very humbling! Thank you so much sir! A special thank you to Mike Hater with Mainland Uke's for thinking of me for this! I still love my Baratone Uke, Mike! :) 

June 11

Peoples Park Concert Series

by City of Bloomington

Parks & Rec


While show after show canceled after covid was among us, Crystal Ritter kept assuring us Peoples Park Concert Series would make the arrangements for it to happen. And they did! I have performed many times at Peoples Park, but this was the first show I brought Olivia in and it was as great as I expected. She is a natural! Thank you City of Bloomington Parks and Rec for having us! We had a blast and hope to be back next year!

With so many shows being canceled due to Covid, it was a pleasure getting back to work for this show! And we had a blast getting ready for it and being there! Of course we had to take precautions for the virus there and Sheila Stephen's was nice enough to make us some cool masks with music Symbols on them. Thanks Sheila! Scott Dwyer let us use one of his sound systems to rehearse with and that was great! Thanks Scott and thanks to my neighbors for not calling the police! Thanks to Bloomington Parks & Rec for always keeping me in mind for a show and letting us do this! And most of all I have to thank Olivia Doyle for joining me in this show! She is a natural at this! And made it that much more fun doing it with a friend! 


What a great way to end my scheduled shows this year at the Shamrock Center! St. Vincent de Paul knows how to have a gathering! Everyone was so nice and fun! That honestly makes a good show for me... The people! And they served a delicious chili super! Thank you all so much for having me and to Linda Fritzpatrick for finding me and asking me to come! Another special thank you to Scott Dwyer for coming at a last minute request to do sound for me! Oh and for finding my pick in the middle of the show! lol 

October 12

Derby Day @

Harp Commons


Derby Day at Bedford is always a good time! Last year we got a flat tire on the way to this show, but we made it fine there this year! And the chili was great! I have done a lot of shows at Harp Commons now and it is one of my favorite stages! Thank you Dave Pruet and Harp Commons for having me back! Always a pleasure! Someday you will be my drummer, Dave! :)

October 11

Steve's Place


My first show at a Pool Hall! That was cool! I love watching people dance around while I sing and have a good time! A lady even pulled my Mom up and danced with her! We had a great time at Steve's Place! Thank you Steve for having me and the kind words after! 

September 28

Spaghetti on the Square

@ Harp Commons


I was honored to be asked to take part in this benefit! Spaghetti on the Square was a fundraiser for Bedford's Mens Warming Center at Harp Commons. Which is one of my favorite places to perform and my buddy Dave Pruet was there doing sound as he does so well. It was a great time with many enjoying their spaghetti and having a good time for a great cause! Thank you Lisa Baker for thinking of me for this! :)  

September 28

Bloomington Farmers



My last show at the Circle Stage at Bloomington's Farmers Market this season, but I plan on busking there as much as I can until the season is over. My audience there never fails me! Even when I'm having technical difficulties, you are all still there cheering me on! I have met some amazing people there this year and I just want to thank you all! And thank you to Sarah Mullin and the City of Bloomington for thinking of me and keeping me going there! I'll see you all on a Saturday morning soon when I'm busking! 

September 24

Persimmon Festival

Mitchell, IN


Not long after I won Persimmon Idol last year I was asked to do a show at Persimmon Festival for the next year. I have waited months for this show! Finally the time had come and it was fantastic! Such a big stage for just little ol me! lol I opened for Cody Ikerd who I met in between our shows. And he had a great show that night! Thank you Andy Mullin and Mitchell, IN for having me at your festival! If you have never made the trip to attend Persimmon Festival, I strongly suggest you do so next year! 

September 23

Persimmon Idol 

Mitchell, IN


I can't thank Persimmon Idol enough! And I was happy to open this years contest! This is hosted by LiteFM 102.5, WQRK Super Oldies 105.5, and WBIW 1340 radio stations. After becoming the youth Persimmon Idol last year, I can't tell you how many things these stations have done for me since then! And the friends I have made there! It just means the world to me! Thank you all for the support and believing in me! Congratulations to the 2019 Youth Persimmon Idol, Lily Boechting and the 2019 Adults Persimmon Idol, Adriene Anderson & Natalie Lake! 

September 22

Apple Butter Festival

Spencer, IN


I was happy to return to Apple Butter Festival this year! My family is originally from Owen County and my Great Aunt Carol even made it to this one! Scott Dwyer did sound that day and I was glad as he knows my show and does a great job! Thank you Dorris Hammon for having me out again this year.  It was a pleasure! 

September 19

Fall Festival

Ellettsville, IN


Although it was for a good reason, I hated having to cancel my full show at the Monroe County Fall Festival! But I'm very thankful Ranee McConnell found a spot for me in the Queen Contest opening night as I very much wanted to perform in my hometown! And it was great! The house was packed and the stage is cool! Thank you Ranee and Festival board for having me. Also thank you Grand Marshal Curt Durnel for being a great emcee that night! And Congratulations to our Fall Festival Queen, Kylie Mooreland and her Court! Wow! What a night! 

September 10

Tuesday Bloomington

Farmers Market


As always I have so much fun at Bloomington Farmers Market! This was at the Tuesday market which I had never performed at before, but was just as fun! Thank you to the Market, the vendors and all those who attend for making the memories there this year extra special! I hope to be back there busking by October 5th. 

September 8


Bloomington North

High School


Dronepalooza was a really cool event! This was the first year for it and I see great things happening for it in the years to come. Thank you City of Bloomington for asking me to be part of the entertainment! I hope to do this next year as well!

September 6

Paint the Town Purple

Monroe County Courthouse


I am grateful to have been able to finally perform a song I wrote about the dangers of drugs at Paint the Town Purple at Bloomington's Courthouse yard stage! Since then the response I received with this song has been amazing! And I thank you all for the encouragement, but in reality, I wrote what we are all seeing! We see it on the news, in our homes, at school, at work... It's everywhere! And it's a battle for so many that we can't ignore. Thank you Monroe County Commissioners and Monroe County Opioid Awareness Commission for allowing me to be part of National Recovery Month! 

September 1

Hatch Ridge Farm

Private Party


I want to thank the Link family for asking me to perform at their birthday bash at their beautiful Hatch Ridge Farm. It was so much fun and you all were just great to me! I hope to come back out for you soon! I also want to thank  Scott Dwyer with "The Soundman" for coming out with us and making things so much easier, bringing your sound system and helping me sound good! This was a great night! Happy Birthday Meredith! 

August 24

Peoples Park Series

Bloomington, IN


Peoples Park Series was so much fun with the college crowd! I’m grateful that Bloomington Parks and Rec are utilizing the park in this way! And I hope to do this again next season! Thank you so much for letting me do this! 

August 17

Bloomington Farmers 



The Circular Stage at Bloomington Farmers Market was so much fun and I was happy to be part of the reopening. I hope to get up there one more time before the season is over, but I will also be there busking as usual any chance I get! Thank you all for making that so much fun and being so welcoming! I love our Farmers Market!

July 27

Peoples Park Series

Bloomington, IN


Thank you City of Bloomington for having me at Peoples Park! I was surprised by how many stopped by to hear. That was a lot of fun! And I will be doing it again soon! 

July 6

Monroe County Fair

Bloomington, IN


Monroe County Fair was a hot one! But so much fun! This was my 2nd year performing at the fair and I just love it! I had an even bigger crowd this year. I love seeing the audience having fun while I'm playing! I even had some friends stop by which means a lot to me! I met Kirby Stailey and the Dash band after my show. It was just a great time! Thank you again Tonya! 

June 28

Limestone Heritage Festival

Harp Commons

Bedford, IN


Another fun filled day at Harp Commons, but for the Limestone Heritage Festival this time! And I stayed most of the day as they had me on stage 3 times through the day!  I'm use to the sound man being Dave there, but Alan Hamilton with Hamilton Sound was awesome and I find out later that he is Dave's mentor. Pretty cool! My first performance at Harp Commons was through Dave Pruet asking me to do a show at the Summer Stage Series where I met Tim Thompson and Sarah Turpen who took all took me under their wings in Lawrence County! Also including meeting Charles Edwards at my second show there who has done so as well. I can't even name all the musicians and vocalist I have met there too. And they are always encouraging me and supporting what I am doing.... I am just so grateful for you all! 

June 28

Monroe County

Fair Fireworks

Bloomington, IN


Monroe County Fair Fireworks was a blast!!! Opening for Bigg Country and meeting the band was awesome. Their sound man made me sound great! lol....... B97 was there and interviewed me on video! That was a first! So cool! I thank them all the time, but Tonya Clark gave me my first full show at the fair last year. And I know it was because Sheila Stephen told her I could do this! Without these people having that faith in me, I wouldn't be having all this fun! This is where it started and as long as they will have me, you can find me at the fair! Which you can do so again this year on July 6, 2019 at 6:00 on the free stage. Come see me! :)

June 22

Riley's Children Hospital Benefit

Bedford, IN Walmart


Riley's Children Hospital Benefit was a success! 

It is my understanding that over all there was around $13,700 donated! That's amazing!

A lot of hard work was put in to this benefit. A special thank you to Bedford Walmart, Super Oldies 105.5, Z102.5, and WBIW for all their work and efforts in making this happen. I feel very blessed to have been a part in this!

June 14

Happy Hour @

Hearthstone Health Center


Happy Hour at Hearthstone Health Center was a hit! I waited over a year to perform for a facility like this and this senior living community did not disappoint! Thank you Hearthstone for having me and I hope to return again real soon. 

June 1

Mitchell Opera House

Mitchell, IN


I love the Mitchell Opera House stage and it was a full house for the 2nd round of their talent contest which I was asked to perform at while the judges decided on their winners. Best of luck to all the contestants at the final show in December! 

May 27

Memorial Day Services

Ellettsville, IN &

Monroe County Fairgrounds


Memorial Day was outstanding! I started the day at Ellettsville Memorial Service and ended at Monroe County Fairgrounds Memorial Service. Both with great speeches and beautiful entertainment along with the ritual ceremony to remember our fallen hero's. I'm honored to take part in these events! 

April 28

Bloomington Street Fair

Bloomington, IN


My first time at Bloomington Street Fair was great! It was a bit chilly, but everyone was so nice and a lot of fun! Thank you City of Bloomington for picking him to be one of the acts at this event! I"m looking forward to playing at the Bloomington Farmers Market this season! 

April 6th

Southern Indiana Live

@ Bedford North Lawrence Performing Arts Center


I had a great time at Southern Indiana Live On Stage in Bedford, IN at The Bedford North Lawrence Performing Arts Center opening for The Nelons.

It was bitter sweet as it was the very last show there for Southern Indiana Live On Stage. I'm very fortunate to have been a part of the many years of talented musicians who have taken the stage!

The Nelons were great! They are a southern gospel group and were inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 2016. For more information about them go to:

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